Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 21 - Ariana

I feel relaxed and focused after this sequence. I could have stayed in Savasana longer. I probably SHOULD have stayed in Siddhasana and done the pranayama longer. But the day beckons.

Chakrasana is the same-still rolling to one side in order to flip over. Maybe the back of my neck isn't flexible enough for this maneuver.

I really wanted to finish the sequence and my blog entry today because I have family coming in (and occupying the space where I do yoga). I knew that would not get another chance to do it this week. Maybe because of that I felt like I was just getting through it. I was also preoccupied thinking about the class I taught this morning.

I had to support my left knee for the seated poses with half lotus. I elevated that knee if it was in half lotus with a folded blanket in order to alleviate pulling in the muscles around the outer knee. Supporting the knee that way took the discomfort out of the equation so I focus on the pose rather than the discomfort. Always a good thing.

Nothing so profound to report today. I am just still happy to be in the middle of this process and looking forward to whatever may be around the corner.

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