Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 23 - Jenny

Working with an injury - how interesting.  I slowly - so slowly - moved through practice, cradling my ouchy knee.  I took my time to place props and attempt every pose that didn't cause huge pain.  I became very much aware that I need to take my time with these open-hip demanding poses.  It's interesting to have two knees.  Because when one knee is hurt, I study it.  And then I have the other to study.  Because I'm so sensitive on the injured knee, I can tune up my senses on the healthy one and see where perhaps the problem began.  And I noticed that there is strain on the knee that I wasn't noticing.  So I'm propping the healthy knee, too.  And watching and watching.

I realize I'll be on this sequence for awhile.  I've hit a wall.  But working with this heightened sensitivity may get me up this wall yet.

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