Friday, August 20, 2010

Week 23 - Ariana

My body was telling me to back off today. My joints were a little stiff and the muscles a little tight. I took some challenging classes this week so that might be the reason. I had too much rajas (activity) in the mind. Expecting too much. Assuming that because I have done certain poses before that I can do them whenever I want. Taking some poses for granted. Getting up into headstand was hard. That was surprising. By mistake I left out Supta Konasana and Parsva Halasana during the Shoulderstand sequence. I assumed I knew that part of the sequence by heart.

I noticed the rajas in my practice because I am in a particularly tranquil and still environment. I got myself into some challenging poses and then when I looked around I noticed how quiet it was outside. Not in my practice. So I kept trying to bring that stillness and poise into my poses and the transitions in between. I was not successful. I had to remind myself countless times.

I appreciated nobodhi's comments about Chakrasana. I think it helped. I kept the "pulling of the legs" and "pushing with the hands" in my mind. I also tried it with a blanket under my shoulders. This elevation helped too. I will keep at it.

I am still being extra careful with the knees-especially the left. The more I do lotus on that side the easier it gets though. I have to ease into it every time.

What is up with Mr. Iyengar's instructions for the legs in Gomukhasana? I have never been in a class where it was taught that way - SITTING ON the ankles and feet. I have enough trouble wrapping one leg over the other. I don't understand how his body does that.

Supta Virasana is one of those poses that is so hard for me and therefor so good for me. I have to lie back on three blankets or a bolster (sometimes both). I feel so much lengthening along the front of my body from the thighs up to my ribs that I get a burning sensation. It takes me a while to settle into it. Hence Paryankasana is not available to me. Instead I lengthen the arms overhead (still on the blanket), clasp the elbows and focus on breathing.

Bharadvajasana I and II were so calming and grounding for me. Ever since I took a workshop on twists with Carrie Owerko, they are some of my favorite poses. I didn't give them enough attention before that. I didn't really want to get up for Ustrasana and then Utkatasana after all that floor work. But I did.

I actually heard the flapping of a bird's wings while in Savasana. (I peaked when I heard the strange noise.) I think it was a hawk. Cool!

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