Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 25 Strikes Back - Jenny

Okay, so I'm still staying with Week 25.  It's a bear.  But I am able to move through the poses more swiftly, exploring and (I think) finding the centering of the hip joint, then heading onto the next pose.  I think I'll stay with this one some more.  I'm concerned I might torque my knee if I push too hard.  And this sequence gives me enough to explore, to be honest.  It's a full-on curiosity fest these days.  So much stimulus in these poses.  There's hardly a one that's easy to get into and get out of.  Propping almost all the poses.  Having to take extra time to be safe.  I've surrendered.  I'm sure there's more surrendering on the way - there always is.  So I'm trying to enjoy the journey.  Because like life, it's mostly journey.

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