Thursday, March 18, 2010

Week 6 - Ariana

Again I was looking forward to this sequence and managed to practice in the morning - my new favorite time to practice.

My mind was racing today. Maybe it was the coffee, the sequence, Spring air, or just me. Who knows? While in some of the poses I would suddenly realize that I was not aware of what I was doing at that moment. Either I was thinking about how I would teach the pose in my next class, what I was going to write about, or work that I needed to do. I was patient with myself and kept reminding my mind/brain to focus on the breath and the body. Gentle reminders help.

Revolved Triangle opened up for me this week. I was able to breathe more freely and deeply and not feel constricted or stuck. While in this pose I backed off of the effort and tried to find more ease in the pose. Breath assists in that process.

While in Shoulderstand my breath was even and full. I watched my abdomen undulate with every inhalation and exhalation. I thought about how good it was for my organs to be releasing in the opposite direction than they normally do. I realized how breathing while inverted is a good "workout" for the diaphragm. When it contracts on the inhale it has to press the viscera up to make room for air. Then on the exhale it is still supporting the viscera as it releases back into the ribcage.

Ujjayi while in Savasana was great. The spaces between the breath (Antara Kumbhaka-Internal Retention of the Breath) were quiet, peaceful and lingering. I did some spring cleaning in my lungs - felt like the breath reached the uppermost corners of my ribcage and all the other spaces that are usually left out.

I felt strong, centered and calm after this practice.

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Emma said...

Hi there, I've just got "Light on Yoga" and now I find your blog, funny isn't it?
Great idea that you had, i will follow you with my copy in hand!