Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Invite

You (and you, and you) are cordially invited to join Ariana and me on this adventure. Just get a copy of LIGHT ON YOGA and join in when you like. You can comment on the blog to let us know what you're experiencing. This is gonna be fun!


emilys said...

This is the first article I’ve read since finding this site…and what an article!!! I’m hooked.

Women's Health

Arthur said...

Do you have room for one more individual in your group ?

I have been thinking about following the course in Light on Yoga for a while now and decided it is time to commit to it. Also the course in Light on Pranayama can be followed at the same time. Is anyone else taking the same approach to both courses.

Regards, Arthur.

ariana said...

Hi Arthur,

Of course you can join us! I think it would also motivate us to keep it going. You can post your comments with our entries.
I have also been reading Light on Pranayama and was considering tackling that after this. I do not have time to do both right now.
let me know what you think and when you want to start.
Thank u

Arthur said...

Ariana, time to put pen to paper or rather use the keyboard. I am not sure how you prefer to receive updates, please advise, so I will be brief today.

Firstly the Pranayama course. Weeks 1 to 4 are Ujjayi pranayama 1 to 3 which for me is relatively easy as it is performed in Savasana. I have been doing Ujjayi in Savasana as part of my normal practice for years without thinking about it and normally do 50 breaths in 15 minutes as an end to my evening practice. The change will come next week with the move to a sitting practice, a chance to evaluate alignment and balance in the back whilst maintaining good position in the hips and legs. More in my next post.

Secondly the Asana course.
For the past 4 weeks I have been evaluating where I am in relation to Course 1, what works and what needs more attention and where to enter the course. In summary I offer the following objective assessment.
1 Forward bends work quite well with good extension balance and flexibility.
2 Back bends are in need of improvement and greater range of movement.
3 Spinal twists need to be improved.
4 Inverted postures work quite well with Sirsasana, Salamba Sarvangasana comfortable for 5 minutes each session.

Problem areas as follows.
1. Utthita Trikonasana on the right side with maximum extension results in a click, graunch and slight pain, possibly the coccyx moving in the pelvis due to tight hip joints. More work on hip opening postures is needed.

2. Upper back and shoulders are stiff due to using a computer most of the day at work. More shoulder extension and back bends required to counter this problem along with stretches during the day.

3. Sciatic pain in the outside of the right thigh and calf muscle into the ankle. This is possibly related to 1 above and needs more hip opening work.

The above shows that some areas are working whilst others need significant improvement. Things can only get better with constant practice.

Until next time. Light and love.


ariana said...

hi Arthur
I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

You can include your entry for Week one as a comment after our Week 1 entry. Right now your comments are all showing up with the invite.
I hope you continue with it.
At the right we are going you will probably catch up to us quickly.

thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...


So excited to have found this blog (much later than when you started it!) because I am hoping to embark on this course, and am feeling a little lost. As a RYT, I have so many questions!

How long are you holding poses for? Is it okay to start with some sun salutations to warm up? And in the first weeks...the sudden move from standing to shoulder stands....weird! Any suggestions on how to ease?

Looking forward to the journey!


ariana said...

Hello! Yeah I pretty much have the same questions you do. Trust your instincts. That's what I tried to do. Yes I warmed up with sun salutes many times. I did not hold poses for as long as he suggests because it did not feel safe for my body. Especially headstands. I have heard so many teachers say at least 10 minutes and I don't see the benefit in that.

If you feel like some of the transitions or too abrupt then definitely find a way to ease into it. Remember he was practicing daily for who knows how many hours a day. So he may not have needed the kinds of transitions that are appropriate for us.

I have not done the sequences in a while because I was changing everything around so much that it didn't feel like I was sticking to his sequences at all. My studies in anatomy and physiology have steered my away from the Iyengar method lately.

hope this helps
good luck and listen to your body.